Care and cleaning


In order to enjoy Monostato’s jewelery for as long as possible, we recommend the following care instructions:
Sweat is harmful to many burnt or processed minerals. Therefore, put your jewelery down before exercising and/or showering. We also recommend dropping when bedtime
• Skin care products and cosmetics should be applied before jewelery is applied
• Alcohol-containing products can attack the surface of jewelery. Especially natural stone, pearls and sealed products react with alcohol. Please always use cleaner without alcohol
• Always keep jewelery in special jewelery boxes or jewelery bags so that you make sure that jewelery with metal and/or precious metal does not scratch each other


We recommend cleaning with water as well as neutral cleaners. The jewelery can then be dried with a special cloth.
Please do not clean our jewelry in silver diving baths because natural stone and alloyed and sealed jewelry surfaces can be attacked. Here, too, we recommend cleaning with water, alternatively you can clean our high-quality jewelry with a special ultrasonic device, as it is also used by the optician.